Monday, March 16, 2009

Morning Links - Thinking the Unthinkable

"Society doesn’t need newspapers. What we need is journalism." Great blog article John found. If you read this entry and replace The word "Newspaper" with "Record Label" or "Movie Studio" and the word "Journalism" with "Music" or "Movies" you start to see an even larger picture then the writer intended. Good Read.

Vegetarians 'get fewer cancers' "But surprisingly, the researchers also found a higher rate of colorectal cancer - a disease linked with eating red meat - among the vegetarians." Funny how that works out.

Sci Fi to Become SyFy Less space and Aliens more Ghosts and Silliness.

Don’t deny the value of your own ”suck period.” This is my favorite "Self Help" blogger. I don't often agree with everything he writes but I usually enjoy his core message. This entry uses The idea of Leveling Up in Pac Man as an analogy for facing challenges in your life and learning from them so that you can move and face new challenges. This one is also a great read: Living Paycheck to Paycheck.



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