Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Morning Links - Peter, Bjorn, John & Flavor Paper

It's looking to be slow week business wise so I'm beefing up on my study's (Objective-C) and Apple store visits. I'm also testing Carbonite as viable off-site back up solution this week. It's been available for Windows for a while now and it's finally Mac compatible so I'm going to see how well it handles a couple hundred GB's of data. I'll keep ya posted. Off to the Gym!


Morning Links:


New Orleans Studio, Flavor Paper screenprints wallpaper by hand. Very cool stuff.


Peter, Bjorn and John Perform for KEXP during SXSW. I Listened to this podcast this morning and loved it. I really enjoyed the sound of just three guys hopping around on instruments keeping it really simple in terms of out put but intricate in arrangements. Worth at least one listen. ;)

Simple and Fun Music Making in the browser:


iDaft Punk

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