Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mid Day Links - A Whale of a Good time

A whale of a Good time These poor fish never had a chance.

Cash In!!! DJ AM wants all the money!

Dr. Ge Wang and Smule are the future. Dr. Wang is a smart and very creative guy. The music business of tomorrow will be run by guys like this.

I tether, you tether, we all tether.... soon.

Interesting letter from Moby to Bob Lefsetz.

"I had a quasi-epiphany last year when i heard david lynch talking about creativity (and forgive me if this sounds new age or hokey).
he talked about how creativity in and of itself is great, and i realized that he was right.
and i realized that, ideally, the market should accomodate art, but that art shouldn’t accomodate the market."

If anything it makes me curious to hear his new record.


In other news I'm beginning to tip my toes into the world of Objective C. I'm not sure where this will take me but after the iPhone 3.0 OS announcement yesterday it seems like a good place to start. I'm also dipping my toes into the beginning stages of planning my wedding, very exciting, in addition to putting the finishing touches on a new Marqui Adora album and relaunching the Datasound Podcast. Very busy and exciting times.


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