Saturday, July 26, 2008

Communication Break Down

I'm at Sawgrass Mills mall, in the faux Ritzy section at Coco Day Spa. They're blasting nausiating what sounds like Isreali Pop music. Kristen is getting a pedicure and I'm holding it down in the lobby with all the fake boobs and overweight woman clutching enormous handbags and booking bikini waxes. It's kinda gross. None the less eveyone around me is starring downninto their phones texting away or reading emails doing their best to look and feel importan, My sled includied I guess, I'm typing this up on my iPhone, but for journalistic purposes of course!

Just making the observation. We're more connected than ever but have farless to say. Kind of a bummer.

On the upside, Kristen and I went to Stir Crazy last night with a friend and we were really suprised by a new implementation of technology they used for notifying people when their table was ready. Instead of getting a pager that usually limits you to the lobby area and about 20 feet outside the front door they just took down our cell number. Good Stuff!! When our table was ready an automated service called to not only confirm we were comming back to the restaraunt but also allowed us to cancel the reservation or push back our reservation time. Very cool espcially since we were at a new outdoor mall so we were able to causally browse around the mall with out worry of missing out table.

It's a minor thing but it's nice to see a sign of progress and a justifiable use for all those phones everyone is just starring down into.