Monday, August 10, 2009

No More Radiohead Albums? - All Songs Considered Blog : NPR

It would seem the boys from Radiohead are getting board. Board with the Long Player Format and, for the time being, are embracing the singles format. I find this quite amusing, especially since they are one of maybe 5 groups or artist that I would consider the Long Player or Album format to be appropriate for. And, when they do make an Album I make it a point to listen to, as intended, front to back, No shuffling, at least for the 1st handful of listens, and will often go back and listen to in it's entirety from time to time.

What I find even more amusing is the conversation I have with my band mates about this same topic. John is an Album guy and Danny is mostly an Album guy but because he's a DJ he's also kinda a singles guy. Me, I'm the singles guy all the way. Only recently have I ventured into actively listening to Albums again, but most don't make it past the 1st two or three listens before I start isolating the "singles" or favorites and the "best" of that record ends up in shuffleland.

Personally I would prefer to hear to new material from Radiohead more often than every two years or so. Speaking from experience, it can be exhausting making a record. Laboring over the details and making a group of songs sound whole. I've seen John, the guy in our band who handles most of that work, corner himself many times and then start to wonder "Does this even sound good anymore?" It can be brutal, especially when you're not even sure on which direction the record is taking.

It's quite rewarding to finish a song, record it, mix it and release it in a short period of time and move on to the next. We did this with a couple of songs in 2007 and it was nice to be done with them and focusing on new business.

Another great thing about singles is they can be a way of test marketing. With singles you can try out different styles that you're interested in a see what works best for you and your audience. In the Dance and Electronic world you'll see this more often. Producers will make a B-side that's totally different from their Normal or Expected Style and that B-side might take off.

Same thing goes for a one off single that doesn't fit an Album. Aphex Twin hit us with "Come To Daddy" and "Windowlicker" which were two tracks released after a long cycle of Full Length releases and they paid off. They went further outside of his expected sound and pushed things a little more. then he disappeared for a number of years, but that's a different story.

Bottom, line I prefer Singles, EP's and a constant flow of material from my favorite artists. Hopefully Radiohead can keep it up.


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