Friday, August 14, 2009

New Radiohead track leaked? - These Are My Twisted Words

Another new Radiohead song emerged last night, this time mysteriously on

Rumors are swirling... Is it from a new EP, possible titled 'Wall of ice', is it from the New Moon Twilight soundtrack, or is it just Thom and Johnny messing about? Who knows! Is it any good? I say yes, but not great or polished. It's a bit of a trance really and a little sloppy, similar to 'In Rainbows' in one way and you can also hear some influence form the last Portishead record, so I guess there's a bit of Krautrock in it as well. Listen for your self.



These Are My Twisted Words by Radiohead  
Download now or listen on posterous
These Are My Twisted Words.mp3 (12962 KB)


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