Saturday, June 6, 2009

Morning Links: Blender Defender

I'v a long day ahead of Car maintenance, studying File Maker and then helping a client set up their new office in Delray. All on a Saturday no less. Still I have found time this morning to select a few choice links.

New Tiny Robots Can Crawl Through Your Veins

The title says it all really. Israeli company Technion has developed a 1mm robot that is powered & controlled by external magnetic fields as it crawls through your veins. Creepy, but neat.

Students Need Mental Ammunition

Marsha Enright discusses Montessori School, the decline of knowledge and the focus on good citizenry in US Colleges and establishing a new College of the United States.

Blender Defendar

While many students many students are spending their college years perfecting the drinking skills, making their porn debut and learning less then their Grandparents did in High School, this smart cookie managed to use his noggin to hilariously teach his cats to stay off the counter.



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