Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hear US Struggle: Marqui Adora opens the door to the vault.

Taking a more open approach to writing and recording our songs John, Danny & my self have decided to release our works in progress, while still in progress.

As a Band, Marqui Adora has been rather prolific, as a finished recording and releasing entity we've been stagnant. We've managed to start the recording process on dozens of songs since we started as a group in 2004 but have only managed to finish and make available 15 songs in an almost 5 year period. This is not a good ratio for a band who at one time had two recording engineers as members, a studio full of recording equipment and each member of the group having multiple computers with top of the line recording software on them.

We have pretty busy non musical lives now and everyone is doing the best they can just to make money to pay the bills. All those boring details aside the real problem has come from holding on to songs & struggling to get them just right.

When we were Kids John and I recorded an entire album of 20+ songs on an 8 track in about a month. Granted it didn't sound all that great, but we did it and moved on to the next.

It's with that concept in mind that we've decided to release some of the songs that have been sitting a round for quite some time on a new website & podcast feed called Marqui Adora Rough Drafts which can be found Here.

The most recent song listed is called "Gloom", it's the 1st Marqui Adora song ever and it has been through many, many, many changes. Listen to the struggle and hear our work in progress.


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