Thursday, November 8, 2007

Creative Self Expression

I just finished listening to a Podscast from Steve Pavlina on Creative Self Expression and the concept of doing what you love. Inspiring stuff, simple and to the point. Steve does have a bit of "new age-y-ness" to him but for the most part he speaks & writes cleary and objectively.

The podcast focuses on the topics of Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit and how when properly aligned with doing what you love in a creative way will lead to being in a genreal state of "Joy". Very interesting listen. If you got a half hour to spare, then indulge.


"Many people have been socially conditioned to believe that a career or job should be chosen based how well it pays and how qualified you are to hold it. This podcast will explain why that approach is completely backwards. Paradoxically by selecting a career based on money and skills, your financial and career results will be but a pale shadow of your potential. And even worse than that, you will virtually guarantee long-term unhappiness. Going to work each day will become something you only do because you have to, not because you want to, and staying motivated will be very, very hard.

The path for conscious human beings is to focus first and foremost on joyful, creative self-expression. That is far more important than money, skill fit, or even contribution to others. Your own creativity is the very mechanism by which you’ll achieve everything else you could possibly want — including financial abundance, superior talent, long-term fulfillment, and meaningful contribution."

MP3 Link: Here

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